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Freestanding Slipper Tub Guide
Freestanding Slipper Tub Guide  Empava Tubs

Freestanding Slipper Tub Guide | Empava Tubs

June 25, 2023

The freestanding slipper tub is a beloved and timeless style, known for its popularity, iconic status, and exceptional comfort. Since the 19th century, traditional clawfoot slipper tubs have been cherished for their luxurious appeal and elegance. Modern slipper tubs have evolved with clean lines and elevated backrests, providing even more comfort. With its simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, a freestanding slipper tub offers the perfect sanctuary for a relaxing, rejuvenating soak after a challenging day.

Curious about slipper tubs?

A freestanding slipper tub, which features a high backrest, provides optimal support for your head, neck, and back during your bathing sessions. If you desire a tub that offers both relaxation and practicality, look no further than a freestanding slipper tub.

Explore a range of low-maintenance and long-lasting materials available for slipper tubs, such as acrylic, solid surface stone, copper, and cast iron. These materials ensure durability while making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.

When selecting the perfect slipper tub for your bathroom, consider popular design styles such as single slipper tubs and double slipper tubs. Each style offers its unique charm and functionality, allowing you to choose the ideal design that complements your bathroom aesthetics and meets your bathing needs.

Freestanding Slipper Tub Buyers’ Guide

Modern Slipper Tub

Modern slipper tubs feature clean, simple lines and a high backrest. Modern freestanding slipper tubs are a work of art, providing an attractive focal point for modern, transitional, and contemporary style bathrooms. Unlike more traditional slipper tubs, modern slipper tubs are designed to sit flat on the floor – they aren’t elevated by a pedestal base or claw feet.

Modern slipper tubs showcase sleek, minimalist lines and a prominent high backrest. Serving as captivating centerpieces in modern, transitional, and contemporary bathrooms, these freestanding slipper tubs exude artistic flair. Distinguished from their traditional counterparts, modern slipper tubs are specifically designed to rest directly on the floor, omitting the pedestal base or claw feet commonly associated with traditional models.

For a dramatic, ultra-modern look, consider the Empava-67FT1527 67 in. Soaking Freestanding Slipper Bathtub which features an extra high backrest.

For those seeking a bold and Modern appearance, the Empava-67FT1527 67-inch Soaking Freestanding Slipper Bathtub is worth considering. This stunning option stands out with its exceptionally tall backrest, providing an extra touch of style and comfort.

Freestanding Double Slipper Tub

If you desire ample support on both ends of the tub, a double slipper bathtub could be the ideal choice. These tubs feature a gentle slope at both ends, allowing you to unwind and recline comfortably on either side. Additionally, larger double slipper tubs are specifically designed to accommodate two occupants, offering a luxurious bathing experience for couples or those who enjoy shared relaxation.

The double slipper tub allows for simultaneous head and foot support, making relaxation effortless. Furthermore, numerous double slipper tub designs offer ample length and width, accommodating two individuals simultaneously. Indulge in a tranquil and romantic bathing experience with your loved one in a spacious double slipper tub.

Recommend bathtub: Empava-67FT1518LED 67 in. Soaking Freestanding Double Slipper Bathtub with Lights

Clawfoot Slipper Tub

Clawfoot slipper tubs are an excellent choice for traditional or transitional style bathrooms, including the charming farmhouse chic aesthetic. These tubs are elevated by decorative claw feet, which come in various finishes such as white, black, chrome, and bronze. The elevated design makes them an ideal option for bathers seeking easy access to a freestanding tub.

Some designs of clawfoot slipper tubs feature a roll top, adding a vintage touch to the bathroom decor. The rolled rim edges of these tubs are gently curved, creating a more rounded and classic appearance.

For bathers seeking utmost comfort and ergonomic support, double slipper clawfoot tubs are available. These tubs are designed with elevated backrests on both ends, allowing you to relax while giving you the option to elevate your feet during bathing.

If you desire a slipper tub with a built-in shower option, a clawfoot slipper tub is a fantastic choice. Clawfoot tub kits provide a convenient solution for adding a shower to your freestanding clawfoot slipper tub, offering versatility and functionality.

Pedestal Slipper Tub

Pedestal slipper tubs are highly favored in contemporary design, known for their elegant style and unique pedestal base that lifts the tub slightly off the floor. Departing from traditional claw feet, these tubs utilize a plinth or pedestal, providing a modern twist on the classic soaker tub concept, as highlighted by HGTV.

If you seek a contemporary freestanding tub that offers convenient access or simply appreciate the graceful and transitional aesthetic of a pedestal tub, we recommend considering either a pedestal slipper tub or a pedestal double slipper tub. These sophisticated options will add a touch of charm to your bathroom space.

Jetted Slipper Tub

Jetted slipper tubs offer a distinctive design among freestanding tubs. Equipped with therapeutic hydro or water jets and a comfortable backrest, these tubs can be conveniently installed anywhere in your bathroom near the necessary drain and water connections. This makes them an excellent choice for remodelers seeking to create a home spa ambiance without breaking the bank.

One of our highly sought-after jetted slipper tub models is the Empava-67AIS09 67-inch Whirlpool Freestanding Acrylic Jetted Slipper Bathtub. It delivers a powerful hydromassage experience while exuding a luxurious and stylish appeal. With ergonomic design features, this tub ensures ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Common Slipper Tub Sizes

Slipper tubs have garnered immense popularity due to their comfortable ergonomic design and sleek, minimalist appearance. The most sought-after sizes for slipper tubs are the 59" and 67" options, renowned for their perfect blend of style and functionality.

59” Slipper Tub – The Empava-59AIS11 59 in. Whirlpool Freestanding Acrylic Double Slipper Oval Bathtub is one of our top-rated slipper tubs! Crafted with lightweight and sturdy acrylic, this timeless jetted tub is both appealing and cozy. It measures 59 inches in length, making it perfect for compact bathrooms while still offering ample space for a relaxing soak.

67” Slipper Tub – Customers love the Empava-67AIS02 67 in. Whirlpool Freestanding Slipper Bathtub with water jets! It's extra-long and features a double slipper design, allowing both ends to be enjoyed with utmost comfort. This spacious tub is perfect for accommodating two people. With its sleek acrylic construction, white interior, and flat base, this bathtub is a perfect combination of elegance and sophistication, all at a budget-friendly price.

Let us assist you in finding the perfect freestanding slipper tub that suits your needs!

Looking for help in choosing the perfect freestanding slipper tub for your bathroom? Reach out to the customer service team at Empava! We offer free delivery to your job site or home. Don't hesitate to inquire about our Free Warranty and Price Match Guarantee policies.

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