59 in. Whirlpool Corner Massage Bathtub With Thermostat - Empava-59JT319LED

EMPV-59JT319LED 59'' X 59''X 25''
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The Empava® Edges

Customizable Bathing Experience
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Aesthetics takes the lead

Every piece of our tubs is a statement piece designed by expert tub designers, with agile and artistic lines to curve the connoisseur’s taste.

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Be one of the customers

Your voice is our voice, so we think your think and design your design by the 20% cost-efficiency motor, over 20-year durability Lucite material, and more.

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Remake Hydrotherapy

Acupoints-targeted massage, oxygen revi-skin therapy breakthrough, and double pumps ozone safe disinfection, the revolution fate keeps calling on us.

Precise Mosaic into Corners

Especially for packed bathrooms

Enlightened by the “Birth of Venus”, the shell she comes from, we saturated the oceanic romance into our tub with a one-of-type triangular shape and side-flanged glass design, bodying forth the sea-relish joy in your bathroom. Compared to traditional rectangle tubs, its triangle shape allows for a precise fit into any corner, saving valuable room in your bathroom, especially for small bathrooms.

Water bill big saver

Consistent 96.8°F to 107.6°F temperature

Water bills or electricity bills, you must save one anyway. Hence, we go for the water-saving one with our thermostat which can keep the water ranging from 96.8°F to 107.6°F with only one water fill until you finish bathing. And about the popularity of the function among the winter-bathing spa fans, no need to say more about it!

Lightness of body and mind

Hydrotherapy + Chromatherapy

Calling all those suffering from chronic arthritis, tension, depression, or insomnia, you need more Chroma therapy than only hydrotherapy, which are both in our tub. We first loosen your muscles and joints with 11 water jets gradually, followed by the play-in of Chroma therapy so as to take the weight away from your body and mind. Use this combo-therapy every day, you will rebuild a new you. Prepared?

Snuggly embraced by the tub 

Spine-curve back holder

Thanks to its triangular shape, we can incorporate the oval shape with the big angles so as to create the most ergonomically hugging slope to rest your spine in the healthiest and comfiest way it likes. Combined with the head pillows with a specific arc, now your whole spine and neck bone can fully unwind to reap fully the hydrotherapy benefits. Slide in and fit in, not one second should be spent on adjusting your leaning posture!

Customize your bathtub

you can create a personalized bathing experience that's perfectly suited to your unique preferences.

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