Japanese Soaking Tub Empava-59JT011
Japanese Soaking Tub Empava-59JT011-1
Japanese Soaking Tub Empava-59JT011-2
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EMPV-59JT011 59'' L X 31.5'' W X 30.71'' H

59" Freestanding Air Massage Japanese-Style Bathtub with Reversible Drain

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The Empava® Edges

Loosen up your body prettily, chill out your life wittily
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Aesthetics takes the lead

Every piece of our tubs is a statement piece designed by expert tub designers, with agile and artistic lines to curve the connoisseur’s taste.

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Be one of the customers

Your input matters to us, and we align our thinking and design choices with yours, using a cost-effective 20% more efficient motor, durable Lucite material lasting over 20 years, and more.

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Remake Hydrotherapy

Acupoints-targeted massage, oxygen revi-skin therapy breakthrough, and double pumps ozone safe disinfection, the revolution fate keeps calling on us.

Spacious interior + elevated rim

Japanese deep soaking experience

If you consistently find that conventional bathtubs either expose your upper body or your legs, hindering a complete soaking experience, how can you pass this Japanese-style deep soaking tub? With its spacious interior and elevated rim, this bathtub ensures an unparalleled full-body immersion bathing experience. Just dive in, ready to unwind!

No more numb legs hassle

Sit to bathe on the stool

Good news for individuals with easy-numb legs and those of shorter stature! We have specially incorporated a stool into this tub, allowing you to sit comfortably to bathe so as to prevent numbness in your feet that often arises from prolonged periods of lying down during bathing. Additionally, this stool effectively addresses concerns related to slipping in water for individuals with shorter stature, ensuring a more relaxing and safer bathing experience.

With utmost family value

48 gentle air bubble jets

For a thorough duplication of the Japanese bathing experience, we have opted for the quieter air bubble jets instead of water jets, making it an ideal choice for individuals who are sensitive to noise. Moreover, the 48 bubble jets ensure a gentle massage that caters to those with sensitive skin, children, and the elderly. By long-time use, the jets can stimulate lymph flow and soothe muscles and joints to enhance blood circulation, so as to not only bolster immunity but also facilitate tissue healing.

Customize your bathtub

you can create a personalized bathing experience that's perfectly suited to your unique preferences.

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