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Elegant, great quality and value

I love the new tub. Nice elegant look.
My plumber had a little bit of trouble hooking it up to the drain but eventually figured it out.
It does have a regulator to turn down the jets but it makes very little difference. Since I dont really use this feature for that reason, I wish I had bought one of the less expensive models without the the bottom air bubbles. There is also an LED light that ALWAYS comes on whenever you turn on the jets around the tub (which is the feature I use the most) and The light is constantly changing colors. Im not a fan of this light, I think its tacky. At minimum. I wish there was a feature to turn it off or select one color to stay on continuously...I feel like Im at the club. If I had known this before I may have purchased a different tub without the light. Otherwise it was a great buy.

Impressive Jets

Tub is beautiful. I love the pressure of the jets. It is slow when being drained and pillow will not stick onto tub.

Missing Parts

I bought this bathtub last week and it came missing the drain and the overflow. I called and I sent an e-mail. The parts have not arrived yet

Hi James. Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue for the missing parts. We want to encourage you to reach out to the Empava Team at +1 (888) 682-8882. Please know that we are passing your feedback along and using it as we seek to continuously improve our products and processes. Kindest regards.

Very nice tub. Easy install ...

Very nice tub. Easy install

Perfect size for me 57 135 lbs

I think a larger person might not be as happy as I am with it
After using for a bit I think the water fall jets should be an option you can turn off so actual jets have more power to them

Beautiful light weight. Was what I expected

Beautiful light weight. Was what I expected

Beautiful tub

So far it works great but the jets are strong. Love the changing lights. Very relaxing.

Perfect tub and great customer service!

We love this bathtub, it is the perfect size so that I don't slip down into the water while reading my book. Also, because of it's size, it fills up very quickly so you can be relaxing at the drop of a hat! The first tub that we received was damaged but the seller sent a new one out asap and the delivery team took the damaged tub. The process was very easy and we are very happy to be bathing in luxury!

Happy Wife...Happy Life

Recently remodeled our Master bath and my wife absolutely loves this tub. Great quality and although it is light weight, very secure. Quality product, professional curbside delivery, and would recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful but understated soaking tub.

Perfect new tub

I am so pleased with the new tub that I purchased from Empava! It looks beautiful in the new bathroom that we've created. It has a Sleek design in a beautiful white finish. I'm so excited to be able to take a dip in my new tub!

No issues, works great

Jets work great. Lighting is kinda cool, and creates a cozy feeling. Tub maintains temperature, which is super nice, because I do not like the idea of adding hot water every time when it gets cold. It is deep, so you can actually soak completely. Overall, great product, we use it daily for about 3 months and had no issue so far.

Great tub

Amazing tub, not only does it look beautiful, but it's very comfortable and the jets are fantastic.

Just what was described.

?Just what was described.?This bathtub is beautiful and is everything I was looking for.

Awesome Company!

These people are really supportive of their products. Great Service, Great Product! Will but from them again for sure. Great customer service, caring and genuine company!


Absolutely love this tub!! It is bigger than it looks when I I totally unboxed it, plenty of room to soak. My first one arrived damaged but was replaced with no questions and arrived within a few days, no trouble!!

A balanced review

I'd like to offer a balanced review after having had this tub for well over a year. The tub was packed very well and arrived in good shape. It looks great. It is very light, which makes moving it easy but also means you need to be careful about how it is anchored to the floor because you could easily move it and damage the plumbing after install. we installed it with no problems, but months after installing and using it, a crack appeared along the rim. We had used it for months and were always careful with it, and to be honest it feels quite sturdy, but this crack grows big. To appear so soon is just unbelievable and devastating. The customer service was paitent but couldn't solving my problem. 1 STAR

Hi Rachel. I wanted to reach out and apologize for the experience you had with our team. This is not typical of us and can assure you it wouldn't happen again. As it may be to late to reconcile, I wanted you to know that I've used your experience within our customer satisfaction process to be sure we don't make this mistake again. If there is any way to earn your trust in the future please let me know. Thank You

Absolutely stunning tub!

This tub was on Overstock then ran out in 1 day on Amazon so I was surprised to find it here!! What a steal of a deal! Everyone loves this tub including the contractor & his workers! Stunning, wonderful at a great price. Delivery was 1st class!

Awesome tub with FAST DRAINING and light show

A previous reviewer said it wouldnt drain all the way and left 2-3 of water. Ours drained fast down to nothing and both my wife and I were in awe. Great tornadoes as the water sucked out. Not a drop left in the tub. The drain hose that came with the system connected to a lower drain in our floor, which I think is key to getting good drainage. The jets ran great and could easily be adjusted from low to high. We didnt even know about the light show it gave off, which is activated by pressing the jet button. The hand shower is cool too except be careful when turning on the water the first time or youll get drenched like I did. Best tub Ive ever owned!

Great quality for the price

This tub exceeds my expectations. Easy to operate control panel, the waterfall fill is delightful. I love the hand spray for rinsing off! The temperature stays constant and just right heat for me. The free standing is amazing should we ever have to do repairs, no tearing out!! Flexible hose for drain. And no need to tile around with free standing!

Lovely experience

Have enjoyed this tub in a retreat home for almost 1 year. I find it well built excellent quality..beautiful styling a perfect fit. Thank you

Hi Daniel. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with the tub! We are thrilled to hear that you have enjoyed it for almost a year and that it has met your expectations in terms of quality and style. We appreciate your feedback and hope to continue providing you with exceptional products in the future.

A Lightweight and Comfortable Tub

I wanted a big soaker tub for my new master bathroom addition and this was the right choice. It fits my long body completely without having parts sticking out and getting cold. The tub arrived in perfect condition, was lightweight, and had the right design and price. My plumber suggested using a solid drain pipe instead of the flexible one provided. So excited for many relaxing soaks in the future!

Spacious and Affordable

I chose this tub because it is spacious, beautiful, easy to clean, and not as expensive as others I researched. I read some negative reviews about the drain location, but it hasn't caused me any problems. This is an honest review and I hope it helps others who are trying to make a purchase decision.


Perfect size for the space. Keeps water hot while soaking for almost an hour. Bathroom is now my favorite place for relaxing at night.

excellent product

I love that. So it's big enough for both my husband and I to relax in, which is the main thing we were looking for. The water stays warm for a nice long soak too. Also even though it's very large, and I'm fairly small, I don't have any problems cleaning it. Excellent product.

Perfect size for our shower!

Modern and standard bathtub - perfect size for our shower. Im 53 and I fit perfectly in the tub. I can enjoy drinking my glass of wine with my candle lit while I catch up on my shows. Very relaxing. Also very easy to clean!