EMPV-71JT801 71" L X 47" W X 25" H

71 in. Freestanding Combination Massage 2-Person LED Tub With Center Drain

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The Empava® Edges

Customizable Bathing Experience
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Aesthetics takes the lead

Every piece of our tubs is a statement piece designed by expert tub designers, with agile and artistic lines to curve the connoisseur’s taste.

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Be one of the customers

Your input matters to us, and we align our thinking and design choices with yours, using a cost-effective 20% more efficient motor, durable Lucite material lasting over 20 years, and more.

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Remake Hydrotherapy

Acupoints-targeted massage, oxygen revi-skin therapy breakthrough, and double pumps ozone safe disinfection, the revolution fate keeps calling on us.

Boast of the best cleaning power

Revi-Skin Therapy cleans deep pores

Come to meet our widely-praised KBIS bathtub renowned for the best cleaning power ever! By harnessing the groundbreaking Revi-Skin Therapy, this tub can break down water molecules into micro-bubbles that are 50 to 100 times smaller than regular bubbles, with diameters ranging from 10 to 40 microns, to allow for deep pore cleansing without the use of chemical cleansers. As evidence, a single session of Revi-Skin Therapy can increase skin hydration and improve softness while eliminating some Legionella and Aeruginosa bacteria to promise a cleaner bathing environment.

Immersive 64 massaging jets

Real neck massage from waterfall strips

To accomplish the final piece of the comprehensive body massage puzzle, we have added a waterfall design to the neck reclining region which can truly massage the tense muscle on your neck. Furthermore, to elevate the massage experience to a superior level, we have augmented the number of massaging jets to 64, encompassing 35 hydromassage jets and 28 bubble jets with two types of massaging force to provide an immersive full-body zone therapy for people of all ages - adults, children, and the elderly.

Freestanding or not freestanding

Detachable skirt for flexible installment

Sometimes, it can be a dilemma to choose between a freestanding or non-freestanding tub. However, this predicament is effortlessly resolved with the inclusion of a detachable fourth skirt for this tub! The skirt can be easily attached or removed all by yourself, allowing you the flexibility to relocate the tub or renovate your bathroom at any time. To be freestanding or not to be freestanding? That’s not a question!

Mid-winter is also warm

Constant heating function

Finally, we have submitted the answer to those who require a thermostat feature for indoor luxury bathtubs. Now, you can enjoy both the luxurious experience of outdoor tubs and the thermostat function indoors! This innovative feature not only reduces electricity consumption, particularly during water-easy-goes-cold winters but also safeguards vulnerable people such as the elderly and children from cold-related illnesses. Keep the water warm, and also keep the heart warm.

Open up all the senses

The first four-sense bathtub

Open up all your senses, then dive in to escape. For smell, we offer you the aromatherapy feature to bring the fragrance revelry and waterfall strips to bring full oxygen. For vision, we offer chromatherapy LED lights distributed from in to out. For hearing, we offer a Bluetooth function to drop your favorite music into the water along with you. For touch, we offer 64 whole-body massaging jets to massage you like a real person. What’s the next sense to satisfy? Just be excited and stay tuned!

No skin irritation problems

Ozone method disinfects the best

Considering the potential drawbacks of traditional bathtub disinfection methods, such as chlorine or bromine, which may pose risks to people with sensitive skin and trachea, we have opted for a 100% full-cycle ozone filtration system which not only eliminates the possibility of skin or respiratory irritation but also provides better disinfection, compared to conventional methods, of legionnaires disease and rashes effectively. We not only sell tubs, we also sell reliability.

Customize your bathtub

you can create a personalized bathing experience that's perfectly suited to your unique preferences.

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