EMPV-75JT901 75" L X 51" W X 29" H

75 in. Freestanding Luxury Thermostatic 2-Person Rectangle LED Tub With Right Drain

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The Empava® Edges

Customizable Bathing Experience
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Aesthetics takes the lead

Every piece of our tubs is a statement piece designed by expert tub designers, with agile and artistic lines to curve the connoisseur’s taste.

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Be one of the customers

Your input matters to us, and we align our thinking and design choices with yours, using a cost-effective 20% more efficient motor, durable Lucite material lasting over 20 years, and more.

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Remake Hydrotherapy

Acupoints-targeted massage, oxygen revi-skin therapy breakthrough, and double pumps ozone safe disinfection, the revolution fate keeps calling on us.

Customized Italian marble pattern

Environment-friendly SERC material

Don’t pass out our first environmentally-friendly bathtub which has garnered huge attention in KBIS! It’s not only our first time to incorporate a unique customized Italian marble pattern onto the skirt, elevating the aesthetic appeal of our existing bathtubs, but also our first time to demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility through the use of non-methanal and non-toxic SERC material which also ensures utmost safety for people, particularly vulnerable babies and kids. Healthy for humans, also healthy for the earth.

Filter and ozone method combo

Dual effective disinfection

Based upon the 100% full-cycle ozone disinfection method adopted comprehensively by all our KBIS bathtubs, we have enhanced the disinfection efficacy by integrating a replaceable filter. This innovation not only mitigates potential risks associated with conventional bathtub disinfection methods like chlorine or bromine for individuals with sensitive skin and respiratory conditions, but also effectively filters out hair, dust, and debris, as well as legionnaires disease and rashes. Two “ways” in, no way for the filth.

Pet-friendly bathtub

No hair tangle hassle for motor

The inclusion of a changeable filter in the tub serves not only to enhance disinfection but also to cater to pet owners who lack a backyard swimming pool yet have pets that enjoy playing in the water. This filter effectively captures all pet hair, preventing it from entering the motor or jets to cause malfunction. Consequently, this design breaks a common restriction found in most tubs, allowing for an enjoyable water experience for pets without risking breaking your tub. And, the better thing is that changing the filter only 2 or 3 times per year is sufficient, so easy peasy!

All-around luxurious features

Outdoor hot tub indoors

Are you seeking a luxurious bathing experience in an outdoor hot tub but prefer the privacy of an indoor setting? Why not consider an indoor alternative that replicates the exact configuration of its outdoor counterpart? This tub boasts a great quantity of 69 jets including 32 hydromassage jets and 37 bubble jets, a spacious capacity accommodating up to 5-6 people, the Bluetooth function, and upgraded in-and-out chromatherapy LED lights, which promise a luxurious yet secret revelry indoors. Forget to live, time confesses with luxury.

Sit-into-sofa comfortable posture

Unique buttocks concave

To ensure you can sit in the tub just as comfortably as sitting on a sofa, we have incorporated a buttocks concave design in the seating area of the tub. This innovative feature not only allows for effortless sitting but also elevates your legs to an ideal level, minimizing the leg-supporting force to the least, which eliminates the hassle of finding a suitable spot or adjusting your posture before immersive relax-down. Simply jump in, sit down, and fit into the most comfortable seat automatically.

A must for a luxurious tub

Constant heating function

The constant heating function is crucial for a large-capacity luxurious bathtub, especially in winter when water cools quickly. This feature reduces the need for frequent hot water refilling and protects vulnerable people like the elderly and children from cold-related ailments. Given that bathroom renovation with such a luxurious bathtub is a huge project, it's essential to ensure all desired features are incorporated to withstand future trends iterations over 5 or even 10 years. So, just trust our recommendation!

Customize your bathtub

you can create a personalized bathing experience that's perfectly suited to your unique preferences.

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