Find Your Ideal Custom Tub with Empava’s Expert Guide

Imagine stepping inside a bathroom oasis that is, to a tee, tailored to your needs and fancies. A custom bathtub can be the center of this metamorphosis, offering unparalleled comfort, utility, and style. Empava is a leading choice in crafting these personalized bathing experiences.

In this guide, consider the following details on your way to a custom tub. Visit ibathtub Custom Tub page today, and start creating the perfect bathing experience! 

As you go through this detailed Custom Tub Buying Guide, you will learn everything there is to have a custom bath from design, size, and layout perfect for you. 

We have provided fine insight to enable you to make the right decisions regarding selection, and purchase.

What are Custom Tubs?

These types of bathing units are made to your specifications and tastes. This ensures you get a personal touch on the designs. This tub is designed according to your preference, space needs, and taste. 

Custom tubs can be original concerning the standard tubs since they are available in restricted dimensions and layouts that will in any case not suit the bathing needs you have. 

Additionally, you can adjust the dimensions, shape, and features to make the tub specific to your unique bathroom layout and needs. 

Personalized tubs can serve certain physical needs through other features such as ergonomic seating and integrated jets. Some have deeper soaking depths.

Aesthetic Appeal and Personalization:

You can personalize your space and make a statement with a custom tub that complements your beautiful bathroom design. 

With an array of different materials, colors, and finishes available, you will be able to create a truly personalized space.

What to Look for in Custom Tubs Before Buying

  1. Budget: You might need to prepare to dig deeper into your pocket when you buy a custom tub as compared to a regular bathtub. Work with a budget.
  2. Design: It's a custom tub, so make sure the design resonates with the overall look of your bathroom.
  3. Installation Needs: Custom tubs may need professional installation; bear that in mind.

Types of Custom Tubs Provided by Empava

Empava provides a divergent selection of custom tubs, based on varying needs and preferences. Here are some of their best-selling ones:

Custom Bathtubs:

Made of Empava, these custom bathtubs are very versatile and therefore can be done in a lot of different ways. 

From traditional to modern, classic shapes with a lot of traditional features to sleek tubs completing bold statements in great bathrooms there is an option for everyone. 

Added features include a variety of different shapes, depths, whirlpool jets, or built-in lighting.

Custom Bath Tubs:

When dreaming about Empava's custom bathtubs, you would just be seeing luxurious spa-like experiences. 

Designed with indulgence in mind, these tubs come with features such as chromotherapy lighting, hydrotherapy jets, and even an integrated sound system. 

An Empava custom bathtub will transform your bathroom into a personal wellness haven a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.


Acrylic Custom Bathtubs:

Acrylic is a highly popular material for custom tubs, as it is durable, easy to work with, and can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes. 

Custom acrylic bathtubs from Empava are available in any color or finish, made to fit the decor of your bathroom. 

Empava's acrylic tubs are lightweight, strong, and highly chip- and crack-resistant. When looking for a practical and good-looking choice for your home, this is the way to go.

Custom Made Bathtubs:

A branded product, Empava, shall be introducing beautifully constructed custom-made bathtubs, which will be well-built for aesthetics and fully customizable to serve every need and desire. 

This will allow one to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece in the bathroom, with unique shapes and sizes to special features and materials of custom-made bathtubs. 

Deep soaking, freestanding, or corner bathtub Empava can bring to life what your vision looks like for its products.


Custom-Made Tub Options

Material Options

There are a variety of materials used to make custom tubs, such as acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron, or even wood, each with its pros and cons in terms of durability, heat retention, and ease of maintenance.

Styles and Shapes

The available styles of custom tubs can be freestanding, drop-in, or custom-shaped corner bathtubs. Pick what suits your space best or what you are most comfortable with.

How to Personalize Your Custom Tub

You can have features personalized, such as whirlpool jets, air jets, chromotherapy lighting, built-in speakers, and even temperature control. Choose whatever will suit you best and make the experience special.

Correct Sizing and Spacing

To ascertain the right size tub, you must consider the number of people bathing at once, whether it will be for soaking or needing just a shallow bath, and how large the space around the tub must be for you to stretch your legs out. 

A user of any size or mobility ability can use a custom-made tub that better suits their needs.

Design and Installation

Design and installation of custom tubs need professional counseling on the best layout to go for. 

You would take a chance to reconsider plumbing and electrical needs, as well as any number of structural concerns, all of which would need to be carefully considered during the installation.


A Step-by-Step Custom Tub Buying Guide

Visit Empava's Custom Tub Page: 

The first thing you have to do is go to the Empava website and assess what there is to offer. Acquaint yourself with different kinds of custom tubs and features available to you.

Configure Options:

Select the size, shape, material, and all other features that suit your specific needs in a customized tub. Get in touch with customer service at Empava Company immediately in case of any need for expert assistance.

Place an Order:

After the selection of products, place your order through the website. Please ensure you have clear dimensions and any other specifics to customize your tub up to your expectations.

Set up and Install:

After you place an order, Empava will work on building and delivering your custom tub. Professional installation services may also be provided to ensure that your tub is correctly installed.


How do I know what bath to buy?

Take into account the size of your bathroom, your budget, the features you want like jets, soaking depth, and any special installation requirements you need. Match your tub style with the decor of your bathroom.

How does one go about choosing the perfect bathtub size?

The ideal dimension for your bathroom: ensures the tub will fit comfortably in the room, with room to move and for other fixtures.

How do I choose a soaking tub?

Look for ergonomic contours with a deep tub that allows you to stretch your body fully and widely. It is a soaking tub; features such as heating or jets can come with it.

What would be the best material for a tub?

The best known materials are acrylic and cast iron. Acrylic is quite cheap, lightweight, and holds heat well. 

They are both highly durable materials and cast iron will hold the heat better than its equivalent, only it's heavier and a bit pricier.

What's the ultimate material for a freestanding bath?

Acrylic is hugely favored in freestanding tubs since it is lightweight, comes in a wide range of styles, and can heat. Cast iron comes in for strength and durability and carries with it a more classic look, but it is heavy.


A custom Empava bathtub is specifically designed to turn your bathroom into an at-home sanctuary of relaxation and custom luxury. 

Custom Tub Buying Guide will help you choose the best bathtub. Besides, it also ensures buying your custom tub will always be one of the easiest and hassle-free things ever.


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