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What Are Pros and Cons of Wooden Tub?

January 15, 2023

While a normal acrylic or fiberglass bathtub is fantastic for relaxing at the end of the day, nothing rivals the beauty of a wooden tub! A wooden tub is intended to provide a soothing and peaceful environment in the bathroom while also adding a sense of sophistication and luxury.

A wood bathtub is regarded as a piece of art and an investment deserving of its high price. A typical wooden bathtub costs roughly $1,500.00, whereas high-end tubs can cost up to $30,000. Bathing in a wood bathtub makes the experience feel exotic as well as more natural.

White baths might appear chilly and synthetic. As a result, a wooden bathtub can be appropriate for any home. Wooden bathtubs will look great in modern, minimalistic interior design schemes. They are typically circular in form. Round shapes exude sophistication and class. If the idea of owning a wood bathtub appeals to you, keep reading to learn more about the costs, benefits, and alternatives.

Is a Wood Bathtub Worth it?

There are many different types of wood bathtubs available, and they all serve the same purpose: to provide a quiet, peaceful environment for the bather to unwind and meditate at the end of a long day.

Many tub enthusiasts believe that a wood bathtub is well worth the price. Nothing beats sitting in a luxury tub made of wood and inhaling the beautiful scents created by the heated water in the tub.

Wooden tubs are elegant and opulent, created from solid wood in any size or shape. Most wood bathtubs are bigger and deeper than standard bathtubs, and their gorgeous finishes can complement the décor and style of your home.

Most wood bathtubs have a lifespan of roughly 20 years, making them sturdier and more long-lasting than tubs made of other materials.

The Cost of a Wood Bathtub

What Does a Wood Bathtub Cost? A wood bathtub is quite expensive. Smaller, simpler tubs made of lower-quality wood can cost around $1,500.00, whereas high-end tubs can begin at $30,000.00.

A word of warning when purchasing a less expensive wood bathtub: less expensive could imply that the wood has not been properly coated, which could result in the tub breaking and leaking. Invest in the greatest tub you can afford, and it might last a lifetime if properly cared for.

The cost of a wood bathtub is determined by the bathtub style, tub size, wood type, and optional accessories such as:

-Headrest-Built-in seating-Surrounding backsplash-Whirlpool jets

The Installation Costs of a Wood Bathtub

Bathtub installation is difficult and will necessitate the services of a competent contractor. You'll also have to pay extra to have your old tub removed first.

To install a new tub, you can expect to pay:

-After the old tub is removed, the surface should be prepared for a new tub for $300-$800.-Plumbing costs $400-$1,900.-After the new wood tub is installed, expect to pay $500-$2000 for sealing, painting, and tiling.You may also need to pay for additional floor supports and the removal of the old tub.

6 Pros and Cons of Wood Bathtubs

Adding a wood bathtub to your bathroom could sound like a good idea as, let's face it, the look and fragrance of a wood tub does tick a few boxes on the romance and fantasy list! However, before purchasing one, weigh all of the Pros and Cons.

  Pros of a Wood Bathtub


These are some of the wonderful benefits of owning a luxurious wooden bathtub:

1. Nature Beauty

Each wood bathtub is naturally attractive and unique. The grain of the wood can be stained to give it a dark, rich color, or it can simply be treated with varnish to show off the natural color of the grain.

2. Customizable

Since the tub is manufactured to your specifications to match the space in your bathroom, a custom-built bathtub ensures that you get what you want.

As most wood bathtubs are handmade, no two are ever exactly same. Owning a wood bathtub is like owning your own piece of useful, special art. A customized tub is perfect for bathers requiring a longer or bigger tub. A bathtub big enough for two is the ideal method for some people to unwind or bring on the romance at the end of the day.

3. Perfect For Outdoor Use

Wood baths are wonderful for use in the great outdoors. They have a rustic vibe, highlighting the natural beauty of the outdoors, and they can be built to fit any location.

4. Lasts Decades

If you take proper care of your wood tub, it should last you 20 years or more. This is far longer than the expected lifespan of other types of bathtubs.

  Cons of Wooden Bathtubs


These are some of the issues to be aware of if you have a wood bathtub:

1. Come at a heavy price

Luxury comes at a high cost, however, because wood in regular touch with water means that your bathtub will not endure as long as nearly all other bathtubs on the market. In addition, certain considerations, like as space and framing, must be made in your home to accommodate a wooden tub. Cost is another reason why wooden bathtubs may not be as popular. Yes, wood bathtubs are expensive, but many people believe they are worthwhile investments.

2. Need More Maintenance

Because water sitting on wood can cause considerable damage, it is likely that a wooden bathtub will not endure as long as other types of bathtubs. Excessive moisture can cause wood to split, crack, warp, or decay over time. Regular maintenance must be done to preserve the longevity of your bathtub. Overuse will invariably wash away the resistant sealant, decaying the wood quicker, while underuse will dry up the wood, speeding up the rotting process. To protect your tub from drying out, fill it once a week and keep it out of direct sunlight. Additionally, avoid using abrasive cleansers.

So, Is a Wood Bathtub Worth It?

Buying a bathtub is an investment. An investment not only in your home, but also on yourself. Owning a wood bathtub like owning a great piece of art—a piece of art that you can soak inside. Although a wood tub is more expensive than an acrylic or porcelain tub. However, when compared to other luxury bathtub materials like marble, a wood bathtub may appear to be fairly priced. So if you don't mind investing the money and time on maintenance, a wood tub may certainly provide you a spectacular central focus for your bathroom or outdoor space.

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