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large freestanding tub Empava SPA3527
large freestanding tub Empava SPA3527-1
large freestanding tub Empava SPA3527-2
large freestanding tub Empava SPA3527-3
large freestanding tub Empava SPA3527-4
modern hot tub outdoor Empava SPA3527
modern hot tub outdoor Empava SPA3527-1
modern hot tub outdoor Empava SPA3527-2
modern hot tub outdoor Empava SPA3527-3
modern hot tub outdoor Empava SPA3527-4
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Freestanding Luxury 4-Person Rectangle Outdoor Hot Tub

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pumps disinfection
2X pumps disinfection
Benches on the bottom
Benches on the bottom
Bluetooth function
Bluetooth function
Live with your social circle
The world is great, the casting is great, but sometimes the stage is not so great. Because sometimes the stage is too small, sometimes not for everyone. Being a part of the big world, where your family, friends, and couples unite with you in sorrow and joy, too small the aim is a crime, and too small the stage is also a crime. Hence, we make it big, right at your home, with our “mighty” series hot tub.

Ozone disinfection tech breakthrough

The cleanest hot tub ever

Chucking off the harmful traditional chlorine or bromine disinfection methods, we have opted for the 100% full-cycle ozone filtration system which is not only healthier but also disinfects harder. Along with upgraded double pumps that can circulate the water twice as fast as other hot tubs, this tub lives up to being the disinfection champion to prevent legionnaires disease or hot tub rash effectively.

Generous leg room

Everyone has the right spot

Compared to the all-flat bottom of old-fashioned hot tubs, we feature different levels of benches on the bottom. Covering different body heights and sizes, the benches allow everyone to lounge inside the tub just like idling on a sofa in the most comfortable body stretch without leg numbness, even after a long bath. Family time, friend time, never the bad time, make the social not so-so.

Sleep helper testified

Bluetooth + LED maximize relaxation

Let the relaxation be tuned up to the max, please! Hence, not only did we put the phototherapy LED lights in it, but we also put in the Bluetooth function so that you can not only soothe your body but also your soul in it. The calmer you feel, the better sleep you can have. We have already tested and proven it with 100+ true customer experiences. Now, it’s your turn to be the next one to indulge in it!

Low-cost constant heating function

Mid-winter is also warm

Dreaming of a Finland hot spring thermal spa but tired of traveling thousands of miles? With our constant heating function, you can now have an authentic, outdoor mid-winter thermal spa experience right at home. Not only does this feature keep you away from getting cold, but it also keeps you away from electric bill rip-offs with our low-energy-efficient running motor. Order only once, invite your loved ones only once, and they will keep coming back!

Customize your bathtub

you can create a personalized bathing experience that's perfectly suited to your unique preferences.

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