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How To Select The Perfect Bathtub Pillow For Your Needs?

January 26, 2024

Is it truly necessary to invest in a bathtub pillow?

The majority of bathtubs available on the market today have narrow edges and insufficient curvature to properly support the cervical spine. Without a suitable pillow, resting your head directly on the tub's edge will result in neck soreness within 10 minutes and potentially lead to muscle strain if soaking for extended periods. To address this shortcoming, various types of bathtub pillows have emerged on the market. But how do you determine which one is best suited for you? Which option is easier to maintain? If you're unsure, read on as we guide you step-by-step through selecting the ideal pillow.

How to select a bathtub pillow?

1. Opt for ones that maintain their shape impeccably

There is currently an array of pillow materials available in the market, encompassing EVA, vinyl, PU, memory foam, and other variants. Given that bathtub pillows are not only exposed to water for prolonged periods but also encounter chemical substances like bath salts and endure high temperatures, it becomes imperative to choose materials that possess waterproof, moisture-resistant, corrosion-proof qualities while being capable of withstanding high temperatures. Materials meeting these three criteria include EVA, vinyl, and PU, which are also notably durable with an extended lifespan along with non-toxic and eco-friendly features—ensuring safe usage.

2. Choose ones that are less likely to breed bacteria

Due to it being difficult to ascertain whether the water stored within the bathtub pillows has evaporated and dried over time, many bacteria could grow undetectably. Prolonged exposure to these bacteria through close facial contact can easily facilitate their entry into your respiratory tract, leading to respiratory ailments. Hence, the wisest action would be to opt for waterproof materials. By preventing water from permeating the pillow's interior, there will be no residual moisture or bacterial proliferation.

Moreover, waterproof materials also offer ease of maintenance. After use, simply place the pillow in a well-ventilated area for natural drying or gently wipe it dry with a cloth—no unnecessary or intricate post-use care is required. However, if you desire an extended lifespan for your pillow, regular cleaning with antibacterial soap or other agents is recommended.

3. Opt for a pillow with a detachable feature and secure suction cups

Because numerous aficionados of bathing enjoy periodically adjusting the orientation and placement of their tub, purchasing a bathroom pillow that is permanently affixed would entail forfeiting a plethora of options. Hence, when selecting a pillow, it is judicious to seek one that is detachable and equipped with suction cups to help fix it in one place. Furthermore, it is imperative to choose large-size suction cups because small-size cups are highly likely incapable of firmly securing your pillow.

Bathtub pillow

What groundbreaking innovations have we introduced for bath pillows?

1. Round pillow exclusively crafted for individuals suffering from cervical spondylosis

As a brand dedicated to enhancing the finer details and consequently improving lives, we understand that merely providing a pillow to support your cervical spine is insufficient. Particularly for those with severe cervical spondylosis, an ill-fitting pillow that fails to conform to the natural curvature of the neck can transform what should be an immensely soothing experience into one fraught with torment.

In response to this point, numerous businesses in the market employ memory foam to craft bathtub pillows. While it is true that memory foam can effortlessly adapt to any desired support angle to conform with the curvature of your cervical spine, it is prone to deformation and highly susceptible to chemicals, thereby severely restricting the use of bath salts during bathing. Furthermore, memory foam also has a propensity for moisture retention, which fosters bacterial growth. By amalgamating both aspects of aligning with the human cervical spine's curvature and addressing the drawbacks associated with memory foam, we have developed a waterproof circular pillow that impeccably matches the contours of your cervical spine.

Our circular pillow can gently stretch your cervical vertebrae while correcting its curvature to an extent. When utilized in conjunction with prolonged exposure to hot steam, it effectively alleviates muscle soreness and aids in cervical vertebrae recovery. Moreover, we have employed waterproof PU material for designing the outer casing of our pillow, which not only prevents residual moisture from harboring bacteria inside but also ensures long-lasting shape retention. Therefore, if you are already displaying signs or suffering from cervical spondylosis, our circular pillows are absolutely your right choice.

Bathtub pillow

2. Pillow waterfall design to alleviate frequent cervical vertebrae tension

The current market offerings of bathtub massage nozzles fail to address the crucial need for neck muscle relaxation. Nevertheless, some spa enthusiasts have resorted to purchasing pillows with massage functions for use in their bathtubs. However, these massage pillows not only pose safety risks but also present challenges in terms of maintenance and cleanliness. Hence, we have opted to harness the power of water flow to effectively massage and unwind your neck muscles by ingeniously incorporating the waterfall coming out from the opening of your pillow to simulate the continuous impact and soothing sensation of a natural waterfall.

Moreover, our innovative pillow waterfall not only aids in neck relaxation but also generates a copious amount of anions which elevate oxygen levels in the water, thereby rejuvenating the skin and enhancing sleep quality.

Both of these pillows can currently be found in our custom bathtubs. So, if you yearn for the ultimate indulgence in a spa experience, do not hesitate to take them!


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