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Bathtub With Waterfall
 Bathtub With A Waterfall?

What Are The Benefits Of Bathing In A Bathtub With A Waterfall?

January 26, 2024

What is the waterfall function in the bathtubs?

The waterfall function emulates the flow rate and impact of a natural cascade, not only enhancing the water circulation in the bathtub to continuously filter impurities to maintain its cleanliness but also generating an abundance of anions akin to those found in natural waterfalls, thereby augmenting the oxygen content within the water. Consequently, it not only alleviates mental stress more effectively but also aids in skin repair and enhances sleep quality.

Regrettably, this function is currently underutilized in bathtubs, hence many people perceive it solely as a means to enhance visual aesthetics during bathing. Therefore, we shall delve into this feature further so that you may comprehend why we persistently upgrade the number of waterfall belts in our bathtubs from one to two to four counts or even more.

What is the purpose behind incorporating a waterfall feature into bathtubs?

1. Relieve stress and anxiety

The melodic resonance of water has long been employed for the purposes of meditation and relaxation. Scientific research indicates that the sound of running water can influence the rhythm of neuronal waves in our brain, thereby fostering a more serene pace of thought.

By emulating the rhythmic cadence found in natural waterfalls, our waterfall function serves as a form of white noise, allowing your thoughts to effortlessly align with the soothing sound. As a result, your stress and anxiety will naturally dissipate to a significant extent. When used consistently alongside hydrotherapy, it facilitates initial bodily relaxation followed by hydrotherapy massage, ultimately yielding superior outcomes.

2. Decompose harmful substances in the air

By simulating an extensive scale of natural waterfalls, our innovative waterfall function is capable of generating abundant negative ions akin to those found in natural waterfalls. Scientific research has demonstrated that introducing negative ions into a room can effectively reduce airborne dust particles by an impressive 52% and diminish bacteria levels by up to 95%. This not only helps maintain air freshness but also aids in preventing respiratory ailments.

3. Repair skin

The waterfall function generates negative ions that possess the remarkable ability to counteract free radicals and invigorate cellular metabolism, thereby facilitating skin rejuvenation and moisture retention. Moreover, these negative ions also stimulate the production of serotonin within the body, further aiding in the eradication of harmful free radicals.

4. Improve sleep

The generation of anions can also harmonize the levels of serotonin and melatonin in the human body, aid in alleviating hypertension, and stabilize the autonomic nervous system, thereby effectively enhancing sleep quality.

Bathtub With Waterfall

5. Improve immunity

The generation of anions can additionally facilitate cellular metabolism, eliminate bodily waste and toxins, and activate cellular functions. Apart from its initial effects, it also enhances the efficacy of diverse enzymes to fortify the body.

If you lack the time to immerse yourself in the enchantment of a genuine natural waterfall, then allow us to transport this ethereal experience right into the sanctuary of your own abode through this remarkable feature. This awe-inspiring function shows up not only in our exquisitely customized bathtub but also in our 67JT351LED bathtub.

As we venture forth into 2024, we will have an upgraded version of the waterfall functions of our three-sided waterfall bathtub that will undoubtedly captivate your senses! Just stay tuned!


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