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Revi-skin Oxygen Therapy
Revi-skin Oxygen Therapy

Revi-skin Oxygen Therapy, What Marvels Does It Hold For Us?

January 26, 2024

The Revi-Skin oxygen therapy we offer operates by swiftly breaking down ordinary water molecules into microbubbles, ranging from 10 to 40 microns in diameter. These microbubbles are significantly smaller, approximately 50 to 100 times, than the typical bubbles found in hot tubs. Not only can these minuscule bubbles deeply penetrate and cleanse pores, but they also enhance the water's oxygen saturation by up to an astounding 70% more than regular water when they burst. Consequently, this enriched oxygen content effectively repairs and revitalizes the skin, along with other health benefits.

What are the advantages of our Revi-Skin oxygen therapy?

1. Deep and fine cleaning

The diameter of human pores typically ranges from 200 to 400 microns, with even the largest pores rarely exceeding 200 microns in size. Given that the diameter of an ordinary water molecule is approximately 200 microns, it becomes challenging for them to penetrate deep into the pores, leading to pore blockage, inflammation, acne, and other skin issues resulting from inadequate cleansing. However, microbubbles possess a volume ranging from 10 to 40 microns, enabling them to effortlessly infiltrate deep within the pores for thorough cleaning purposes.

Simultaneously, due to their ability to generate negative ions, these microbubbles can attract positively charged molecules such as dead skin cells, sebum buildup, and other organic substances (including dirt particles or bacteria), as well as allergens. Consequently, these molecules are prevented from accumulating on hair follicles and obstructing the pores.

2. Enhance skin moisturization

The microbubbles possess the remarkable ability to deeply infuse water molecules into the pores, thereby nourishing and hydrating the skin. Additionally, they exhibit an exceptional capacity to adhere to the inner walls of pores, reducing water evaporation and ensuring prolonged moisturization. Consequently, cleansing the skin with microbubble water results in a sustained hydration effect that significantly enhances the skin's moisture content over time.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that a single session of Revi-Skin oxygen therapy can elevate skin hydration levels by an impressive 14.24% and enhance softness by 10% compared to untreated skin.

3. Repair and rejuvenate the skin

Revi-skin Oxygen Therapy

The presence of environmental pollution can lead to skin irritation and damage, thereby significantly impeding the skin's ability to absorb fresh oxygen. Furthermore, as we age, our skin cells gradually lose their capacity to effectively uptake oxygen.

However, when microbubbles contract and burst, they swiftly amplify their negative charge, resulting in water that contains an impressive 70% oxygen content. These microbubbles possess the remarkable capability to transport oxygen deep into the dermis using a minimal volume, effectively eliminating free radicals responsible for premature aging while simultaneously stimulating collagen synthesis within the skin. Consequently, this process aids in diminishing wrinkle formation and brightening complexion, ultimately bestowing upon your skin enhanced elasticity and radiance.

4. Effective sterilization and inhibitbacterial growth

Most bacterial cells possess a positive charge, whereas microbubbles exhibit a negative charge. Upon encountering bacterial cells, these microbubbles swiftly adhere to the walls of the bacteria. As the microbubbles dissolve and burst, the resulting shock wave effectively eradicates bacteria such as Escherichia coli, pyocyanobacteria, and other harmful strains.

Data indicate that running a microbubble bath for 10 minutes can eliminate a significant portion of Legionella and aeruginosa present in the water. Prolonged usage offers an effective remedy for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

5. Alleviate stress and promote sleep

The presence of negatively charged ions enhances the body's serotonin production, thereby fostering more balanced moods, heightened feelings of happiness, and improved sleep quality.

Furthermore, as the bath progresses, the microbubble-generated energy gradually elevates the water temperature by approximately 1℉ per hour. With this added warmth bestowed upon us, the relaxation effect can be further amplified.

The current status of the oxygen therapy application

Currently, oxygen therapy has been implemented in select facial spa salons, but we proudly stand as the pioneering brand to boldly introduce this therapeutic technique into our bathtubs.

Presently, our customized bathtubs are undergoing trials to infuse the revolutionary Revi-Skin oxygen therapy. By 2024, we aim to incorporate this exceptional feature into a wider range of bathtub styles, ensuring that everyone can indulge not only in unparalleled hydrotherapy experiences but also revel in an unprecedented rejuvenating skincare encounter.

Defying the relentless passage of time's scythe, we possess the remedy - why not give it a try?


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