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The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath
Aromatherapy Bath

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath

January 25, 2024

There is nothing like taking a warm aromatherapy bath to unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. While many people do not associate baths with health, they are one of the most beneficial activities you can perform!

The Origin of Aromatherapy Bath

Aromatherapy baths are excellent for both your mental and physical wellness. They have been utilized for ages in a variety of cultures around the world due to its therapeutic properties. The restorative properties of bathing spread throughout the world, and bathing became a global craze.

Bath culture promoted hygiene, disease prevention, and renewal. Our forefathers intuitively understood all of the health benefits of bathing. They also knew about some plant and herb oils that could benefit health much more!

Even the most ancient cultures understood that aroma essences had a special influence. These fragrant oils are what we now refer to as "essential oils." Bathing with essential oils can help combine the strong benefits of a hot bath.

What Can You Benefit From Aromatherapy Bath?

Every essential oil has unique benefits and applications. Lemon essential oil, for example, is fantastic for relieving digestive issues,
while patchouli is great for a variety of skin disorders. Thus, depending on your circumstances or preferences, adding particular essential oils to your bath will provide varying benefits. With so many different essential oils available, you're sure to find one or a combination that will help support your body. The following is a summary of various reasons why essential oils can be a wonderful and therapeutic addition to your bath: the strong benefits of a hot bath.

Get A Quality Sleep

Sleep deprivation can have a variety of detrimental long-term implications on health. Thus, a warm aromatherapy bath could be an excellent complement to your sleep routine, promoting longer and higher quality sleep. Taking
a warm bath has been demonstrated to promote sleep by decreasing cortisol (our primary stress hormone).

Adding an essential oil like lavender, chamomile, or valerian to your nighttime
bath can also help induce sleep by lowering cortisol levels. Adding any of these oils to your nighttime bath can improve both the quality and speed with which you fall asleep. All of the oils indicated above contain properties that serve to relax the central nervous system and
encourage rapid sleep.

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath
The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath

Help You Stay Calm And In A Good Mood

According to studies, taking a warm bath might activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for placing you in a relaxed mood. When the neurological system responds to the water's warming influence, you may notice a decrease in stress. Thus, a warm bath may aid in
cortisol reduction.

If you're feeling apprehensive, taking a bath can assist your body shift out of "fight or flight" mode. Adding citrus essential oil to your bath might help you relax even more. Lemon and bergamot oil have been proved to be especially efficient at lifting an anxious or depressed mood!

An Effective Approach For Improving Digestion

Taking an aromatherapy bath can aid with digestion. As previously said, soaking in warm water helps our bodies enter a parasympathetic state. Our gastrointestinal health is inextricably tied to our nervous system. When we are relaxed, our digestive tract works more effectively because our bodies are in "rest and digest" state rather than "fight or flight" mode.

Baths also promote blood circulation, which helps with digestion. Adding essential oils can also aid digestion or digestive difficulties. When you have an upset stomach, consider adding lemon and ginger essential oil to your bath. Simply inhaling these two oils will help alleviate intestinal discomfort.

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath
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If You Have Suffered Some Skin Issue, Take An Aromatherapy Bath

While boiling hot baths can irritate the skin, a warm bath combined with essential oils such as patchouli, olive, or lavender can help nourish and cure dry or irritated skin. Furthermore, many essential oils are antibacterial and anti-fungal, making the bathing experience even cleaner! Patchouli oil, in particular, causes cicatrization. It promotes cell proliferation, which aids in scar development.

Helps to minimize fluid retention

Soaking in a warm bath has been demonstrated to assist the body eliminate extra fluids and edema. Bathing with Epsom salts and aromatic oils can also help to reduce bloating and extra fluid. Toxins increase water retention. Warm water coupled with epsom salts and/or essential oils like lemon or rosemary can be extremely efficient at removing these poisons.  

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath
The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath

Build A Solid Wall Against Gems For Your Immune System

Taking a warm aromatherapy bath can stimulate the creation of white blood cells in the body. When we take a warm bath, our body temperature rises, indicating that our immune system requires additional assistance. As a result, if you're trying to combat an infection, having a warm bath can help increase your immune system.

In addition to taking a bath, adding essential oils to a warm bath helps your body battle a cold or infection. Eucalyptus or tea tree oil are extremely useful for congestion and low immunity! Steam from a warm bath aids in breathing in these oils, which may assist the lungs produce mucus.

Soothes muscle ache

Warm baths increase blood flow throughout your body. Your muscles receive more
oxygen and nutrients as blood circulation increases. This may assist enhance the flexibility of the connective tissues, alleviating muscle tension and relieving discomfort.

Adding a few drops of peppermint or rosemary essential oil can aid in muscle pain alleviation. For example, rosemary oil is known for its strong pain-relieving effects and can help with a variety of aches, pains, and even arthritis! When combined with a warm bath, this oil makes an excellent remedy for sore muscles.

The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Bath

Overall, prior health wisdom can still be useful today. Our forefathers understood that a relaxing warm bath with essential oils might benefit
your physical, mental, and emotional health in a variety of ways. Want to customize the aromatherapy in your dream tub? Check out Empava's high-end custom tub Master series.

The science behind a warm bath is rather straightforward. When we soak in warm water with essential oils, blood vessels dilate, allowing us to
relax on a variety of levels. Next time you feel sick, upset about work, or sore from a workout, take a warm bath with some of your favorite organic essential oils and let healing begin.


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